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What is climbLing?

ClimbLing is an innovative system of interactive climbing that uses touch-sensitive translucent handholds

This system improves the indoor climbing experience with new challenges. ClimbLing is a complementary system to standard climbing walls to train and enjoy climbing.

With ClimbLing you can:


Choose your route and set your goals to improve your technique and achievements


Find other ClimbLers and open your challenge to take part into a gym or world challenge


Kids wil love it! They will of enjoy a new way of climbing. Thanks to funny games, attractive lights and engagement activitie

Advantages for climbers


Tracking own training


Variability of routes


Creating own routes


Challenges with other climbers


Better visibility of hold


Play activities

Advantages for Climbing gyms


Provide unlimited routes


Easier to create new routes


Possibility to create gym competitions


Easy for teaching & for fun


Improve the affiliation and frequency of climbers


Children simply love it


Entertainment even for non climber

How does climbLing work?

ClimbLing is a based on translucent touch sensitive holds, each with a LED and a sensor.

Climbers can activate the wall through a tablet and, as they climb, a software traces their movements, the time between each step, and the time to complete the route

Our Holds

Together with our partner Greengrip we have developed  holds able to spread the light homogeneously, characterized by an excellent grip and original shapes and colors that make them extremely attractive and functional.


Each climber can download an app that can keep monitored his activities and performance.

The application also provides some summary parameters such as strength, endurance, consistency and speed and continuously updated by its own progress.

Soon available on



Where climbLing panels are installed:



Dr. Lisa Musculus and her team study the dynamics of climbing learning at Sport University in Cologne with the help of a climbLing panel.



The climbLing panel in Singapore University  could be the tallest interactive panel in the world with its height of 18 meters.



At San Gerardo Hospital in Monza the climbLing panel tracks young patients physical improvements and lets them have fun during the recovery.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is the making of indoor climbing revolution, offering to each climber a deeper awareness of his own progress, highlighting his points of strength and the areas of improvement of his training.

All of this without losing but rather increasing the creativity, the freedom and the fun that characterize this beautiful sport. Therefore climbLing wants to be:

Dynamic & intelligentable of interact with its users.

Inclusivesuitable to expert climbers who want to challenge themselves and push their performances to the limit, to people that approach climbing for the first time and finally to those who practice this sport just for pure fun, such as children, or even blind climbers!

Qualitatively ambitious & stimulatingfor those training regularly who want to improve their own performance and their physic shape.

Our Values

Quality & Innovation

We look for quality in every detail, from the holds to the micro-processor. We are always looking for new concepts that improve the experience of climbing, from the materials and shape of the holds on new software development.

Social Responsability

Our holds employ recyclable materials and original natural dyes. We care about our users especially those most in need such as the visually impaired.


Our business model is based on partnerships with outstanding companies in the climbing industry, with high skills, motivation and alignment with our corporate values.

Who we are

Our team is really heterogeneous and we are convinced this is the key of good success of our system. The high technological complexity behind this wall required the close collaboration between different players.

Our team has succeeded in developing the first interactive climbing wall after three years of development and is composed as follow:

Stefano Priano

Geologist & geophysicist plus climber, executive team coordinator

Luca Panzetti

Software engineer and responsible for development firmware

Antonio Raimondi

Electronic engineer and responsible hardware developer

Sergio Morstabilini

Computer and app back end app developer

Admir Hadzic

Chemical finnish, owner of Greengrip ltd as well as supplier and partner official for climbLing hold

Our partners

Contact us!

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