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Special Thanks

Over time it has been many who have given their contribution and support to us and to climbLing, some substantially, others perhaps only with a board or the patience to listen to us. So we think the minimum is quoting them on this occasion, hoping to give back as soon as possible to each of them.

Primarily, definitely Giorgio De Donno, for developing the random generation software (if you are not satisfied, blame him!) And maybe one day even future team member! Then Emanuele Pasin, for website and web support, Silvia Pugliatti, for continuous motivation and the inexhaustible enthusiasm on climBeep, Sergio Pugliatti, for the promotional video and for having overcome his vertigo, Maurizio Dondi, for the hospitality that he has reserved us every time, Stefano Lari, for graphic and logo, Solgeo’s colleagues (Massimo, Stefano, Delfino and Demis above), for understanding, technical support and advice, Dario Masciandaro, for the assembly of electronic boards, the guys from Boulder & Co for the patience of these months and for believing in us, to all those climbers and not, with whom we have discussed, and they gave us every time invaluable feedback on what we were doing. And then our friends who advised us on how to improve our system, Andrea Gianni, Filippo Passoni, the Snowpatrol friends, Ugo Pegurri.

The list is still long, and then there are all of those people who have always been close in time, as our families: parents, brothers and sisters, wives and girlfriends, who believed in us, especially when we wanted to throw the prodding sponge to go ahead. We hope you are proud of ourselves and of what we did.